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Mini Game

Try the exclusive Avarik Saga Mini Game and experience the immersive world of Avarus and its valorous warriors. This demo showcases the best that this fresh, exciting universe has to offer. Train Heroes and unleash your creativity by developing the expansive lands, and lead your faction to victory.

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Mini Game Tutorial

Tutorial 1
Login to

Connect to your MetaMask wallet. You need at least *3 Avariks to play.

Tutorial 2
Set Your

Set up your formation by selecting ‘Teams’ and your chosen Heroes. Each formation consists of 3 characters. Create the dream team and earn Formation Bonus.

Tutorial 3
Join the

Join the battleground and fight your way to the victor’s throne!

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PVP & Combat System

In this turn-based RPG game, players can test out one another’s strategic prowess by facing off against Avarik’s renowned warriors. Each season provides various rewards, including Avarik Saga NFTs, Armors, Weapons, and more!

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Character & Team Formation

Each player has the opportunity to build their own unique Avariks formation. With individual traits and rarity, each character represents a distinctive set of skill, power, and individuality. Create the team that will lead you to glory.

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Leaderboard & MMR System

The Top 100 players participating in the mini game will have their names etched on our wall of fame. Earn your ranks by winning battles and fighting Heroes of similar rank. Rise through the MMR to gain honor and climb up the leaderboard for special rewards.

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